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  蔬菜类 Vegetables

  XO酱炒海茸百合 :Sautéed Lily Bulbs and Seaweed in XO Sauce
  百合炒南瓜 :Sautéed Pumpkin with Lily Bulbs
  板栗白菜 :Poached Chinese Cabbage with Chestnuts
  白灼时蔬 :Scalded Seasonal Vegetable
  炒芥兰 :Sautéed Chinese Broccoli
  炒生菜 :Sautéed Lettuce
  炒时蔬 :Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable
  豉汁凉瓜皮 :Sautéed Bitter Melon Peel in Black Bean Sauce
  葱香荷兰豆 :Sautéed Snow Peas with Scallion
  翠豆玉米粒 :Sautéed Green Peas and Sweet Corn
  冬菇扒菜心 :Braised Shanghai Greens with Black Mushrooms
  豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜 :Sautéed Indian Lettuce with Diced Fish in Black Bean Sauce
  干贝扒芦笋 :Braised Asparagus with Scallops
  干煸苦瓜 :Sautéed Bitter Melon
  海茸墨鱼花 :Sautéed Diced Cuttlefish and Seaweed
  蚝皇扒双蔬 :Braised Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
  蚝油扒时蔬 :Braised Vegetable in Oyster Sauce
  蚝油生菜 :Sautéed Lettuce in Oyster Sauce
  红烧毛芋头 :Braised Taro in Brown Sauce
  红枣蒸南瓜 :Steamed Pumpkin with Chinese Dates
  猴头蘑扒菜心 :Braised Shanghai Greens with Mushrooms
  虎皮尖椒 :Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper
  琥珀香芹炒藕粒 :Sautéed Diced Lotus Root with Celery and Walnuts
  黄耳浸白玉条 :Simmered White Gourd Slices with Yellow Fungus
  黄金玉米 :Sautéed Sweet Corn with Salted Egg Yolk
  火腿炒蚕豆 :Sautéed Broad Beans with Ham
  鸡汤竹笙浸时蔬 :Bamboo Fungus and Steamed Vegetable in Chicken Soup
  姜汁炒时蔬 :Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable in Ginger Sauce
  椒盐茄子丁 :Deep-Fried Diced Eggplant with Spicy Salt
  煎酿鲜茄子 :Fried Eggplant Stuffed with Pork and Shrimp
  辣椒炝时蔬 :Sautéed Vegetable with Chili Pepper
  栗子扒白菜 :Braised Chinese Cabbage with Chestnuts
  萝卜干炒腊肉 :Sautéed Preserved Pork with Dried Turnip
  米汤豆苗 :Sautéed Pea Sprouts in Rice Soup
  木耳炒山药 :Sautéed Chinese Yam with Black Fungus
  木瓜炖百合 :Stewed Papaya with Lily Bulbs
  浓汤金华四宝蔬 :Braised Four Kinds of Vegetables in Broth
  浓汤娃娃菜 :Stewed Baby Cabbage in Broth
  芹香木耳 :Sautéed Black Fungus with Celery
  清炒/蒜茸各式时蔬 :Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with/without Garlic
  清炒/蒜茸西兰花 :Sautéed Broccoli with/without Garlic
  清炒豆尖 :Sautéed Bean Sprouts
  清煎西红柿 :Pan-Fried Tomato
  肉末雪菜 :Sautéed Potherb Mustard with Minced Pork
  上汤扒娃娃菜 :Braised Baby Cabbage in Broth
  上汤鸡毛菜 :Braised Green Vegetable in Broth
  上汤芥兰 :Braised Chinese Broccoli in Broth
  上汤浸时蔬 :Braised Seasonal Vegetable in Broth
  双耳炒四季 :Sautéed Fungus and Assorted Vegetables
  松仁玉米 :Sautéed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts
  蒜茸炒时蔬 :Sautéed Vegetable with Chopped Garlic
  田园素小炒 :Vegetarian's Delight
  铁扒什锦 :Grilled Assorted Vegetables
  西红柿炒蛋 :Scrambled Egg with Tomato
  西芹百合 :Sautéed Lily Bulbs and Celery
  乡村大丰收 :Raw Vegetables Combination
  雪菜炒豆瓣 :Sautéed Beans with Potherb Mustard
  野山红炒木耳 :Sautéed Black Fungus with Red Pepper
  银杏炒百合 :Sautéed Lily Bulbs with Gingko
  油盐水浸时蔬 :Braised Seasonal Vegetable
  鱼香茄子 :Yu-Shiang Eggplant (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
  鱼香茄子煲 :Yu-Shiang Eggplant en Casserole (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
  鱼香丝瓜煲 :Yu-Shiang Sponge Gourd en Casserole (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
  玉笋炒酸菜 :Sautéed Pickled Cabbage with Bamboo Shoots
  素什锦 :Mixed Vegetables
  鱼香芥兰 :Yu-Shiang Chinese Broccoli (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
  雪豆马蹄 :Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts
  四季豆 :Sautéed French Beans
  清炒菠菜 :Sautéed Spinach
  干贝刈菜 :Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with Scallops
  清炒荷兰豆 :Sautéed Snow Peas
  蟹肉丝瓜 :Sautéed Crab Meat with Sponge Gourd
  豆腐乳炒通菜 :Sautéed Water Spinach in Preserved Tofu Sauce
  烫青菜 :Scalded Green Vegetable
  小鱼苋菜 :Boiled Amaranth with Silver Fish
  北菇扒菜心 :Braised Shanghai Greens and Mushrooms
  扁鱼白菜 :Braised Dried Silver Carp with Chinese Cabbage
  桂竹笋肉丝 :Sautéed Bamboo Shoots with Shredded Pork
  青叶豆腐 :Steamed Tofu with Green Vegetable
  客家小炒 :Sautéed Pork and Squid with Dried Turnip and Garlic, Hakka Style
  韭菜炒豆干 :Sautéed Leek with Dried Tofu
  九重茄子 :Sautéed Eggplant with Nine-Layer Tower (a kind of Spearmint)
  菜心炒肉片 :Sautéed Pork Slices with Shanghai Greens
  扒香菇油菜 :Sautéed Cabbage with Mushrooms
  龙须扒菜心 :Sautéed Shanghai Greens with Asparagus
  贝松扒菜心 :Sautéed Shanghai Greens with Minced Scallop
  口蘑菜胆 :Stir-Fried Vegetable and Mushrooms
  白灼西兰花 :Scalded Broccoli
  蒜茸芥兰 :Sautéed Chinese Broccoli with Chopped Garlic
  鸭黄焗南瓜 :Braised Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk
  枸杞百合西芹 :Stir-Fried Celery and Lily Bulbs with Chinese Wolfberry
  双冬烧茄子 :Braised Eggplant with Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots
  芫爆素鳝 :Sautéed Black Mushrooms with Coriander
  干烧四鲜 :Dry-Braised Duck Feet with Duck Meat and Bamboo Shoots
  开水白菜 :Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup
  炝黄瓜 :Spicy Cucumbers
  香油苦瓜 :Marinated Bitter Melon with Sesame Oil
  果汁藕片 :Marinated Lotus Roots with Orange Juice
  蔬菜沙拉 :Vegetables Salad
  麻酱笋条 :Shredded Lettuce with Sesame Paste
  四川泡菜 :Pickles, Sichuan Style
  干煸四季豆 :Dry-Fried French Beans with Minced Pork and Preserved Vegetables
  清炒芥兰 :Sautéed Chinese Broccoli
  烧二冬 :Braised Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots
  油浸娃娃菜 :Baby Cabbage in Soy Sauce
  滑子菇扒菜胆 :Sautéed Chinese Greens with Mushrooms
  蚝油冬菇 :Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce
  罗汉腐皮卷 :Tofu Rolls
  素咕噜肉 :Sweet and Sour Vegetables
  上汤芥菜胆 :Chinese Broccoli in Chicken Consommé
  蒜蓉豆苗 :Sautéed Pea Sprouts with Chopped Garlic
  干锅笋片 :Griddle Cooked Bamboo Shoots
  瓦罐山珍 :Mushrooms in Pottery Pot
  酸菜粉丝 :Sautéed Pickled Cabbage and Vermicelli
  剁椒炒鸡蛋 :Scrambled Egg with Chopped Chili Pepper
  清炒红菜苔 :Sautéed Chinese Kale
  剁椒娃娃菜 :Sautéed Baby Cabbage with Chopped Chili Pepper
  剁椒土豆丝 :Sautéed Shredded Potato with Chopped Chili Pepper
  干煸扁豆 :Dry-Fried French Beans
  清炒丝瓜 :Sautéed Sponge Gourd
  水煮萝卜丝 :Poached Shredded Turnip
  烤汁茄子 :Roasted Eggplant
  蚝油茄子 :Sautéed Eggplant with Oyster Sauce
  葱烧黑木耳 :Sautéed Black Fungus with Scallion
  干锅台菇 :Griddle Cooked Mushrooms
  沙葱炒鸡蛋 :Scrambled Egg with Goldball Onion
  醋溜豆芽 :Fried Bean Sprouts with Vinegar Sauce
  黄豆芽炒豆腐 :Sautéed Tofu with Bean Sprouts
  荷塘百花藕 :Braised Sliced Lotus Roots
  鲜虾西芹 :Sautéed Shrimps with Celery
  杏仁炒南瓜 :Sautéed Pumpkin with Almonds
  地三鲜 :Sautéed Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant
  酱烧茄子 :Braised Eggplant with Soy Bean Paste